don’t wait until you’re sure that it’s going to work

“You cannot do anything that matters, anything creative, anything human, if you wait until you’re sure that it’s going to work.” – Seth Godin

Karl Friedrich Benz, the guy who invented the car Mercedes Benz, launched a car when it was against the law to drive a car. When there were no roads and there were no fuel stations.

This seems like a stupid time to launch a car. He should’ve waited until after it was all in place.

Johannes Gutenberg launched the book when there were no bookstores. He launched a book when 93% of people in Europe he was trying to sell to were illiterate. They didn’t know how to read. This seems like a really dumb time to launch a book. Not only that, 15-20% of his reading base needed glasses to be able to read the letters. Reading glasses hadn’t been invented yet. He should have waited.

Over and over again we wait until we’re sure it’s going to work and then we’re too late. So you end up just being a copycat and unable to effectively make change happen.

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